Labiaplasty Surgery: The Fastest Growing Cosmetic Gynecology Trend in India

Today the Indian society is transforming rapidly, and women are leading from the front section. This change is the main reason why many cosmetic surgeries and elective procedures do not have the same social stigma as a decade or two ago. One such elective procedure is labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty is a small surgical vaginal reconstruction procedure by which the vaginal lips or ‘labia minora’ get trimmed, and the opening of the vagina looks much younger. Besides cosmetic reasons, many women choose this surgery for health reasons too. The vaginal rejuvenation surgery prevents friction on the labia minora and stops future infections.

Below are the reasons why labiaplasty is becoming a trend:

Painless Treatment

The labiaplasty laser surgery Pune is almost a painless procedure. During the whole process, the patient remains conscious. Before the surgery procedure, the doctor applies local anesthesia around the vaginal region and performs the surgery. Thisvaginal treatment in Pune doesn’t cause any significant pain to the patient, and the patient returns home after 2 hours of operation. The patient can get back to the normal lifestyle within a week or two. It is the primary reason why labiaplasty is becoming so trendy, so quickly.

No Cuts, no stitches

The labiaplasty surgery in Pune does not need any large structures. Thus, you won’t find any scar marks on the tissue. The mark of the surgery also heals very quickly and becomes almost invisible. This vaginal plastic surgery will not affect the tissue in and around the vaginal area. Since the procedure does not involve major incisions, the speed of healing is high, and the chance of infection is meager.

Safe and Effective

As mentioned before, Vaginal Surgery has a very less chance of infection. It is why labiaplasty is one of the safest procedures today. If you choose the best labiaplasty surgeon Pune for the surgery, the procedure is entirely safe and simple. The doctors who are very experienced in this field conduct a couple of hundred labiaplasty operations per day, in major hospitals. This procedure is permanent and makes the appearance of vagina younger. There is no requirement for follow-ups or additional medical support, in general cases.


Unlike other gynecological procedures, the total cost for labiaplasty surgery in Pune is very inexpensive. In other developed parts of the world, this surgery may cost you a considerable amount of money, but in Pune, it only costs a couple of thousand rupees. The exact cost of the operation varies with the choice of hospital, doctor, medical conditions, and so on. This price is within reach of most middle-class families. It doesn’t put any financial pressure on the family. This reduced cost for labiaplasty in Pune is another reason for its success, and to why women choose this procedure.

Today India is developing at a rapid pace. India is one of the top medical tourism destinations. Thus, you need not worry about the integrity or safety of the procedure. Do you want to know more about labiaplasty and whether the process is suitable for you? Talk to a surgeon today.

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